About BMRC

Brisbane Mariners Rifle Club (BMRC) is located at Belmont Shooting Complex, Old Cleveland Road, Belmont, Brisbane. 

The club is incorporated in Queensland and is a member of both the Metropolitan District Rifle Association (MDRA) and the Queensland Rifle Association.

Located only 14 kms from the Brisbane CBD, our club attracts members from all over south east Queensland. We also regularly welcome members from our sister club Onslow Rifle Club at Trentham New Zealand.

The club competes in the MDRA competition most Saturdays, with distances from 300 to 1,000 yards. 

BMRC provides both target rifle and f-class rifle shooting, and can provide equipment, training, and supervision for individuals interested in either class of competition.

The club is open to all members over the age of 12 who meet the criteria specified in the:

Our members include men and women of all ages with all types of experience, including:

  • Veteran shooters with 50+ years' experience
  • Representative-level sportsmen and women
  • Experienced shooters seeking to improve their skills in a supportive and knowledgeable environment
  • Those who have never handled a firearm before and are interested in trying the sport for the first time.

Members and guests are welcome to shoot on Saturday afternoons in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment.

Please note that anyone wishing to try the sport must register to attend one of our introductory Come and Try Target Shooting sessions on designated Saturday afternoons. 


Brisbane Mariners Rifle Club (BMRC) is home to representative-level sportsmen and women, as well as social shooters who enjoy the challenge and precision of the sport. 

We also regularly welcome new shooters through our Come and Try Target Shooting program. 

The club has a long and proud history of more than 120 years. Originally named the Queensland Naval Detachment Rifle Club when it was formed in 1895, the club changed its name to Brisbane Mariners Rifle Club in the early 1970s. 

Facilities and equipment

Brisbane Mariners Rifle Club is one of the most modern target rifle clubs in Brisbane and has recently upgraded its facilities for members and guests, including a modern boardroom-style meeting area and excellent kitchen facilities. 

We offer a variety of long-range target rifles, in both .223 and .308 calibres for use.

Guests and members can also take advantage of our separate reloading room, including all the equipment needed for shooters to make their own ammunition under the supervision and instruction of club members. The benefits of reloading include ensuring the highest level of precision, quality control, and reducing the cost per round by re-using fired cases. 

After the Saturday afternoon shoot, members and guests are welcome to relax on the patio area with a cold drink while the scores are read out by the Club Captain, and enjoy the friendly banter of club members who have done well, or perhaps not as well as expected!

Electronic targets

All BMRC members enjoy the benefits of shooting on electronic targets provided by Hex Systems - the most advanced electronic target system in the world.

Electronic targets provide many advantages over traditional paper targets including:

  • Instant scoring 
  • Exceptional accuracy 
  • Enhanced reliability 
  • Online results which can be viewed by anyone with web access  
  • Help shooters maximise their potential and increase their enjoyment of the sport.